$1.25bn IDB sukuk listed @ Nasdaq Dubai

Dubai’s sukuk listings are highest of any listing venue in the world

DUBAI 14 April 2017: Nasdaq Dubai, the region’s international financial exchange, has welcomed the listing of a US$1.25 billion sukuk issued by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

It is the eighth Sukuk listing on the exchange by the IDB, making it one of the largest Sukuk issuers by value on Nasdaq Dubai at $9.8 billion.

Based in Saudi Arabia, the IDB has 57 member countries and its activities are designed to foster their economic development and social progress.

Nasdaq Dubai provides the IDB and its other regional and international issuers with close links to investors around the world as well as a first class listing infrastructure.

Dubai’s sukuk listings have now reached a total nominal value of $53.31 billion, the highest total of any listing venue in the world.

By Rajive Singh