All in the UAE to have uniform email ID

By Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 16 April 2018: The Ministry of Justice has reviewed the establishment of a unified national e-mail for all individuals and institutions in the country.

In a meeting, the ministry discussed the establishment of a unified e-mail, in coordination with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship and other concerned authorities in the country, said Wam.

The adoption of the e-mail and the registered phone number of the Federal Authority, as part of efforts to link communication between all local and federal bodies and individuals throughout the country, was also reviewed.

The unified e-mail will enable judicial authorities to communicate with concerned parties for legal purposes, such as court notifications, in order to speed up legal processes and ensure access to the concerned parties as quickly and accurately as possible.

The UAE ranked 43rd in the international Rule of Law Index for 2017, making progress on 10 international rankings.