April 2017: Foreigners invested Dh97.7 billion in UAE shares

non-arab investors were top performers

ABU DHABI 4 May 2017: Foreign investors secured Dh6.4 billion in gains during April, 2017, augmenting the total market value of foreign stocks at Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, ADX, and Dubai Financial Market, DFM, to Dh97.7 billion by the end of the last month, a 7 percent increase from Dh91.3 billion in March.

The growth is attributable to an improvement in the value of leading shares, especially those at the real estate and banking sectors listed at ADX.

Most of the gains secured by this segment of traders, who include Gulf, Arab and non-Arab investors, were booked at ADX where the market value of their shares amounted to Dh43 billion in April, a growth of 20 percent from Dh35.8 billion in March. On the contrary, the market value of DFM, declined by around Dh800 million, according to official released figures.

Non-Arab investors were top performers in April with total share market value amounting to Dh65.77 billion in April, Dh29.9 billion of which are invested at ADX and Dh35.87 billion at DFM.

Gulf investors came second with total share market value of Dh25 billion, Dh14.1 billion of which at DFM and Dh10.9 billion at ADX.

Arab investors invested Dh7 billion, including Dh4.7 billion at DFM and Dh2.3 billion at ADX.

A large number of non-Arab investors increased their investments at First Abu Dhabi Bank, listed under the ticker symbol NBAD, following the merger of National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Gulf Bank,, ratcheting up their share market value during April.

By Rajive Singh