Arab Mom, child killed in Sharjah road crash, two kids hurt

police warn pedestrians and drivers to be careful

SHARJAH 8 April 2017: An Arab woman and her child were killed as a result of a crash involving a number of car. Two of her children were injured in the accident.

The five were taken to Kuwait Hospital in ambulances, but the two died on arrival while the other two children are being treated, according to Emarat Al Youm Arabic daily. The report did not say if the family was in a car or were crossing the road.

The operation room of the Sharjah Police received a call about a collision and that a number of injured were injured. Immediately the police and the ambulance service moved to the scene.

Police is currently investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The General Command of Sharjah Police called on road users to abide by the correct rules to cross the road and use the pedestrian lines, crossings and bridges for this purpose and to make sure that the road is free before crossing.

This, however, does not exempt drivers from their responsibility for attention and concentration while driving and respect the plans for pedestrian crossing and adhere to the speed limits prescribed within cities or on the outside streets.

 – By Angel Chan