Asian smashes head of sleeping colleague to ‘avenge honour’

Killer tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself

DUBAI 24 April 2017: An Indian carpenter allegedly stabbed his co-worker twice and smashed his head by the handle of a cooking pan while was asleep in revenge of being mocked and threatened, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

DA, 56, attempted to commit suicide by stabbing himself using another knife after killing his country fellow SN.

SN died on the spot because of severe head injuries of the skull and the brain.

Forensics said the victim – whose face features were totally disfigured because of injuries – had fractures in the skull bones to the extent that parts of the brain were spilling out.

The killer after screaming for help after stabbing himself was rushed to the hospital where he received treatment.

Accommodation supervisor MM rushed to the room and found the victim SN was dead on his bed and blood was covering his face and the wall.

MM called the police who arrived and rushed the killer to the hospital.

DA admitted to killing SN in revenge of his honour. He also told the police that the deceased used to record him while he is sleeping and send the recording to his friends mocking him.

The court will reconvene on May 11.

By Lolyana Zaki