Asian stabs ex-housemate to death; surrenders 2 days later

Stabbed the victim twice and fled

DUBAI 12 May 2017: A drunk Sri Lankan worker allegedly premeditatedly killed his country fellow on Christmas following an argument over accumulated feeling of dislike, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On December 25, at around 9.30pm, the accused. AH, 36 his one year younger brother RH and other eight friends including five women gathered in their old style sharing house at Hor Al Anz area to celebrate the Christmas.

After and eating and drinking alcohol, a Sri Lankan couple, who were previous housemates came in and the man abused my brother,” testified the younger brother RH.

The accused argued with them asking who allowed them to get in then he headed to the kitchen, brought a knife and asked his brother and the other men to move away and stabbed one of the intruders.

“When I saw him holding a knife in his hand, I tried to prevent him from coming nearer to the victim. He held my neck strongly so I left him and headed outside the house where the man was standing. Then my wife asked me not to intervene and to go away and so I did. Later, my wife told me that my brother stabbed the man,” testified the accused’s brother.

As people gathered AH, ran away, threw the knife, and took a taxi to Sharjah.

Victim Dies

Police arrived in the scene and the victim SK was announced dead.

AH went to his friend RM, 34, who works in a butchery in Sharjah, Abu Sheghara area at 7.30am.

“He told me that he stabbed a man but does not know if he died,” testified the friend who advised him to call his brother to find out if the man is dead.

“He refused that and he called his sister in Pakistan. He told his sister that he stabbed a man who sought attacking his brother RH. The sister called the brother RH and later informed that the man died from the stabbing, “ testified the friend.

“As the accused completely collapsed after learning about the death of the victim, I could not ask him to go. He stayed with me until 2.30pm when I closed the shop. Then I accompanied him to my flat in Al Majaz area where he changed his stained shirt with a shirt of mine. I gave him Dh100 and he left after he received a phone call from his brother’s wife who told him that they know his location and that police will come and arrest him,” testified the friend.

The accused left his friend who was questioning a couple of hours later by the police about whereabouts the accused.

The friend told the police of all what he knew about the case.


The accused stayed in Dibba for two days before he handed himself over to Dubai police regretting his crime.

The accused told the police that the victim did all the time behaved superiorly with him and that one day when he was sharing with him accommodation he stole from his wardrobe Dh200.

Ï got angry when he abused me, so I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and went out of the house where the victim, my brother and friends were and I stabbed him but I do not know where was the stab and if I stabbed him just once or more,” he told investigators.

Forensic reported one fatal stab and the death was due to intensive internal bleeding and a shock. The stab was deep into the heart.

The court will reconvene on May 24.

By Lolyana Zaki