Asian stole number plates to operate private taxi in Dubai

used others' plates to escape fines for violations

DUBAI 19 April 2017: An Indian salesman allegedly stole car number plates to fix them on his car while illegally transporting others, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

A woman lodged a complaint with the police about the theft of her car’s number plates. She informed that she stopped her car near Mai Tower in Al Nahda area where the number plates were stolen from her car.

The victim complained that the thief had used the number plates on his car and committed public transport violations.

Corporal Abdul Rahman Mohammed stopped JA, 32, Indian salesman, at Al Nahda area and searching his car found number plates of the woman’s car in his car.

JA admitted to stealing the number plates and fixing them on his car when he provided public transport services.

The court will give verdict on April 27.

By Lolyana Zaki