Beauticians lock hairdresser in bedroom…

Court adjourned until next month

Courtesy: MorgueFile

A drunk Egyptian hairdresser allegedly got into an apartment and attempted to molest one of the women while she was asleep, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On September 12, at around 6am, TH, 25, Egyptian beauty consultant was sleeping in her room that she shares with a couple of other women in Tecom.

“I heard the door opening. I thought one of the flat mates got in to use the bathroom. After a little while, someone pulled the blanket and groped my leg. I shouted and got up, at that time, my flatmate NS locked the door behind him and we called the police,” testified TH.

NS, 21, Egyptian employee testified that she woke up on hearing TH scream.

“I rushed there and saw a man standing near her bed. He ran out and so I locked the door,” she testified.

Police reviewed CCTV and identified the molester who was seen getting into the flat.

Police arrested IM, 28, hairdresser and referred him to the prosecution on accusations of entering a place against residents’ will, molestation and consuming alcohol.

The court will reconvene on December 12.