Daylight robbery at Arabian Ranches villa of Indian couple

year-long spree brought to an end by intrepid Dubai cop

DUBAI 3 April 2017: Two Armenians allegedly robbed Dh150,000 worth jewellery from a villa in broad daylight when residents were away, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

HH, 30, jobless and KH, 36, are being prosecuted for a number of thefts in flats and villa they committed in Dubai.

On December 7, 2012, at around 4pm RA, 32 Indian left with his wife their villa at Arabian Ranches.

“We came back at around 9.30pm, entering from a side door. As we went up to the bedroom, I noticed the missing of two safe boxes. One of them contained jewellery worth Dh150,000 while the documents and passports were kept in the other one,” testified RA who found out that the thieves had broken into the villa’s main gate and left it open.

The victim lodged a complaint with the police and after about 6 months he was asked to visit different police stations to recognise jewellery that had been confiscated from other suspects.s from other thefts.

RA and his wife did not recognise any of the jewellery as theirs.

Police continued searching for the thieves and assigned First Lieutenant Fahed Abdullah to investigate this theft.

After more than a year, in February 2014, the officer learnt about the involvement of two Armenians, who stays in a hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Police arrested the two and confiscated some jewellery and tools used in thefts.

Abu Dhabi Base

“The two admitted to breaking into a number of flats and villas in Dubai after being sure that their residents are not in. They guided us to the flats and villas they have robbed and one of which was the villa of RA,” testified the officer.

The accused admitted to carrying the two safe boxes to their residence hotel in Abu Dhabi where they broke them. They also admitted to smuggling the jewellery to outside the country.

Two days before their arrest, the two stole jewellery worth Dh60,000 from a flat in Dubai Sports City.

“At around 4.30pm, my friend and I were roaming around in Dubai Sports City until they noticed an unlit flat and so they decided to break into it. We headed to the lift and my friend broke the lock of the door and I was watching near the lift. We fot into the flat and stole the jewellery we found and ran away,” admitted HH.

The resident of the flat returned home with his wife at around 11pm.

“We noticed that the door lock was open… I rushed in and found that bedroom and the wardrobe was in a mess and that the jewellery were missing in addition to Dh1,500 in cash. Police arrived and investigated the scene.” testified, RJ, 32, Indian salesman adding that he left the house with his wife at around 7pm.

Later, the victim and his wife were asked to recognise their jewellery and so they headed to the police station where they were handed over their belongings.

The court will reconvene for both cases on April 16.

 РBy Lolyana Zaki