Bought Dh40K necklace for my camel, thieving grandson lies

stole Dh600,000 from his grandmother while she was away

DUBAI 17 May 2017: An Emirati grandson broke into his grandmother’s house while she was out of the country and stole a cash of Dh560,000 and a necklace worth Dh40,000, which he sold for just Dh15,000, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On April 5, the grandmother M, returned home and discovered that the window of her bedroom was open and the room was in a mess.

She told her son AS, 37, employee that, and while checking two safe boxes, she discovered the missing of Dh310,000 from the big one in addition to a necklace worth Dh40,000. As well, Dh250,000 that were in the smaller safe box.

“I checked the two safe boxes and noticed that they had been opened with their keys because there were no traces of damages on them. However, the window’s lock was damaged,” testified the victim’s son who reported the theft to the police.

Traced from Sale

On the following day, the grandson sold the necklace to a jewellery shop. The salesman, MS, 19, Yemeni asked the seller for his ID document. The seller submitted his passport.

“He told me that he had bought the necklace from Al Ain to put on his camel’s neck if she won the race. He sadly said that his camel did not win the race and so she did not deserve the necklace, the reason why he wants to sell it,” testified the salesman who took the seller’s information.

“I paid him Dh15,000 the value of the necklace. Before leaving the shop, he bought a golden rosary for Dh2,700,” said the salesman.

Police arrested the grandson KY, 23, employee who admitted to the theft.

“On March 25, I broke into my grandmother’s house while she was away. Using a screw driver, I broke the window’s lock and got into her room. I found the keys of the two safe boxes on the fridge, so I used them and opened one of the boxes. I stole Dh260,000 and a necklace. On the following day, I sold the necklace for Dh15,000 and bought a rosary for Dh2,700. On April 3, I entered the house again from the window, opened the smaller safe box and stole Dh300,000,” he admitted.

Court will give sentence on May 25.

By Lolyana Zaki