Has your building in Sharjah emirate got its own postal code?

SUPC has launched a mobile application for Sharjah’s postal code system

SHARJAH 3 April 2017: On March 26, the Sharjah Urban Planning Council (SUPC) began the full rollout of the Postal Code System (PCS) across the emirate.

PCS aims to raise the efficiency of postal services in the emirate and is linked to the geographical information system (GIS) as per international standards.

The pilot phase was launched and completed earlier.

“PCS is one of the first significant projects launched by SUPC, to improve the level of services provided to the public,” said Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi, SUPC Chairman.

“It falls within the emirate’s vision to enhance the competitive edge of Sharjah in the social and economic fronts and promote social welfare levels to be on par with the world’s most developed cities.”

Khalid Al Ali, SUPC Secretary-General said the PCS scheme involves the installation of 102,076 signboards designed in accordance with the address system and spatial guidance, as well as the postal code proposed by the Emirates Post Group.

PCS ensures precise identification of destinations and location of all services available within reach, including business services and all kinds of service centers.

SUPC has launched a mobile application for Sharjah’s postal code system to provide easy and efficient postal services. The application’s map system enables users to access postal codes in order to locate the exact street address and desired destination.”

The system allows the community and all segments of society, including emergency services, and other service sectors, to easily identify locations and destinations via the city’s streets and roads.

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