Can you hide 2,500 Tramadol tablets in luggage handles?

The court will give verdict on April 27

DUBAI 18 April 2017: About 2,500 tramadol tablets were discovered in luggage bag steel handles, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Customs inspector at Dubai International airport suspected drugs in the steel handles of a luggage bag when checking it through the inspection device.

Inspector Mohammed Al Hammadi after putting it on the luggage belt to be sent to the arrival hall, he asked his colleague to observe the bag and to watch the passenger who would collect it from the belt.

After a passenger collected the bag, customs officer Bilal Ismael asked him to put the bag for inspection.

“We found large quantities of tramadol tablets hidden inside the bag’s two steel handles. Confronting the passenger with that, he admitted to smuggling tramadol and said that he was supposed to hand them over to a person without giving further details about him,” testified inspector Bilal.

The passenger carried a total of 2,489 tramadol tablets in addition to some broken tablets.

The court will give verdict on April 27.

By Lolyana Zaki