UAE submits complaint to ICAO over Qatar jets

ABU DHABI 3 April 2018: The UAE has filed a formal complaint with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), following repeated incidents where Qatari fighter jets intercepted Emirati civilian aircraft during regular, scheduled flight paths. […]

Parliament okays fees on remittances by expatriates

KUWAIT 2 April 2018: The Parliament’s financial and economic affairs committee in Kuwait on Sunday approved bills stipulating fees on expatriates’ financial remittances to abroad. Kuwait News Agency (Kuna), quoted MP Salah Khorshed, the committee […]

Qatar jets ‘dangerously’ intercept two UAE planes

GCAA condemns interception over Bahrain air space ABU DHABI 27 March 2018: The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has condemned the reckless manner in which two Qatari fighter jets, dangerously approached two UAE-registered commercial airplanes, […]

US President Trump renews Iran nuclear deal

WASHINGTON 13 January 2018: The US President Donald Trump renewed his country’s participation in the Iran nuclear deal on Friday by granting Tehran relief from US sanctions – but his aides said it would be […]

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