Chinese actor has striking resemblance to Obama

He had plastic surgery and can mimic Obama

A Chinese actor hopes his career as a Barack Obama impersonator will not be finished now that the president is about to leave the Oval Office.

Xiao Jiguo, 30, who bears a striking resemblance to the US leader, has spent years perfecting the outgoing President’s gestures – even having plastic surgery to look more like the commander in chief.

However, Xiao’s future earning potential might be at risk now that Obama will be replaced next month by Donald Trump.

Xiao spent hundreds of hours studying Barack Obama, pictured, and learning his mannerisms

Xiao has even had plastic surgery so he even looks more like the Commander in Chief

Xiao, who is from the Sichuan province in central China, first came to public prominence after appearing on the TV talent contest ‘Chinese Dream Show’ in 2012.