Dubai cop saves child from slowly dying in locked car

By Eudore R. Chand

Illustrative Image courtesy

DUBAI 10 April 2018: Brigadier General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Director of the General Directorate for Security of Bodies, Establishments and Emergency, honoured First Lieutenant Jassem Mohammed Abdullah, the officer who saved a child from suffocating inside her mother’s car.

First Lt. Jassim responded to an emergency in Global Village, to aid the mother whose child was trapped in her car.

The mother began screaming and asking for help when she saw her child exhibit signs of fatigue due to lack of oxygen inside the vehicle, which would not open. Lt Jassim, upon assessing the situation, broke the window on the other side of the car and rescued the child saving her from death by suffocation.

The mother of the girl thanked lieutenant Jassim Mohammed Abdullah and Dubai Police for saving her daughter and staying with her during one of the most difficult situations of her life.

Brigadier General Al Ghaithi praised the heroic actions of Lt Jassem Mohammed, who acted with speed, wisdom, and courage.