Did you get ‘Day of Dubai’ text from Hamdan?

By Angel Chan

Sheikh Hamdan with some Dubai volunteers

DUBAI 10 December 2017: Did you get a text message from the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum?

“Join me on www.dayfordubai.com to reinforce Dubai’s position as a global city of giving and a centre of tolerance and compassion,” read the SMS sent to all mobile phone subscribers.

It wa ssigned by the Crown Prince who recently announced the launch of the ‘Day for Dubai’ initiative.

The initiative aims to both solidify social responsibility among citizens, and reinforce the spirit of volunteerism. It also encourages every resident to share the gift of their time by dedicating at least one day of the year to leverage their talent and skills to volunteer – giving back to those in need, improving and maintaining their city and community, and protecting the environment.

“UAE residents are characterised by goodwill and are constantly ready to offer a helping hand. The ‘Day for Dubai’ initiative is testament to residents’ loyalty and belonging to their community, and serves to show how humane and tenacious our society really is,” said Sheikh Hamdan.

Volunteer Work

He emphasised the importance of volunteer work to local communities. In particular, he highlighted its importance to social cohesion, the role it plays in generating goodwill, and its correlation to communities’ advancement and prosperity.

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He also called on residents to align their ideas with Dubai’s vision and strategic plans that aim to create a cohesive and inclusive society. He underlined the fact that volunteering is a humanitarian and national duty – one that is rooted in the country’s history and values.

Recently, Sheikh Hamdan volunteered to be part of a marine clean-up drive
Recently, Sheikh Hamdan volunteered to be part of a marine clean-up drive

Highlighting the importance of supporting the aim and direction of initiatives, in line with the ‘Year of Zayed’ and ‘Year of Giving’, as well as establishing Dubai as the most giving city in the world, His Highness encouraged private and public sector organisations to join the city-wide volunteering movement, to develop and participate in volunteering opportunities, create meaningful partnerships, and ensure that residents are invited to be active participants.

Dedicate Time

Sheikh Hamdan called on residents to dedicate their time, and go beyond typical volunteering activities, by making volunteering a lifestyle, through the dedication of their time, knowledge, skills and passion.

The launch of ‘Day for Dubai’ stems from the remarkable engagement that took place following the recent announcement of the pioneering crowdsourcing platform by Sheikh Hamdan.

The initiative urges community members to dedicate one day a year for volunteer work. Studies have shown that an individual spends 76 days a year browsing the internet and social media platforms – and devoting one day out of those to volunteering will help ensure a cohesive community.