Dh120,000 Bribe: Fishy cargo smells out black sheep in Dubai Customs

5 referred to court for smuggling in sheeps

Hatta is on the UAE border with Oman

DUBAI 11 May 2017: Dubai Prosecution has referred to the court two customs employees and other three citizens of a Gulf state for smuggling 22 consignments of sheep for Dh120,000 bribes.

A customs employee at Hatta boarder suspected a truck loaded with sheep at 7am that his senior allowed to pass without checking it and its documents.

Moreover, the truck carried a ‘fish refrigerator’ whereas the last fish consignment usually passed the customs at 3am daily.

The custom employee informed the inspection officer about his suspicions.

Hatta Customs. Illustrative Image
Hatta Customs. Illustrative Image

The truck was stopped about 2km into the country. It was found that it carried sheep and that it was not inspected and that the driver did not have any entry permit.

Investigation proved that the two customs employees were involved in the crime and that they were getting Dh5,000 per operation.

A middleman used to get Dh1,000 per operation from the two drivers involved.

The accused admitted to smuggling more than 20 sheep consignments in less than a year.

By Lolyana Zaki