Dh2.5 billion Emirati District to be ready late 2019

By Rajive Singh

ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, announced the progress of infrastructure works of the Emirati District project in Madinat Zayed – Abu Dhabi within blocks 3, 4 and A2 according to the set plan.

Suwaidan Rashed Al Dhaheri, Acting Chief Executive Officer in Musanada stated that the Emirati District’s infrastructure project consists of 3 blocks with a value of more than Dh2.5 billion including roads and infrastructure works. At present, all project works are being executed to be completed at late 2019.

He also noted that infrastructure works in the project include preparation of infrastructure, road network, and service paths in addition to 2,755 residential plots, 37 mosques, 47 gardens and 13 schools for the various study stages. All of this is within a residential community that extends on an area of 1,401 hectares and contains service facilities and construction properties according to the latest world standards prepared to serve about 22,000 citizens, which is the number of residents expected to occupy the residential district for citizens after completion of construction works, said Wam.

emirati district abu dhabi wam

Al Dhaheri added that project area is 14.4 million square meters, of which 5.1 million square meters in block 4 including 1196 plots designated for villas and 7.6 million square meters in block 3 including 1,559 plots designated for villas too. Initial project works include ground treatment, paving works, main roads, local roads, potable water system, rain water drainage network, sewerage network, irrigation, fire fighting, power cables, 22 kW substations, natural gas networks and communications.

Designs of all those works have been adopted by the relevant government departments and agencies that provide the service and supplementary civil works, taking into account the latest sustainability and environmental safety standards.

Strategic Project

Added to its works, the projects MZ12 and MZ39 in an area of 334 thousand square meters, and 301,000 square meters respectively, while block A2 work area is 778,000 square meters. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Emirati District project is one of the strategic housing projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi where it will contribute to the provision of advanced infrastructure to accommodate population growth and urbanization.

Furthermore, the project was designed in accordance with accurate plans that put future population growth into consideration in Madinat Zayed. Accordingly, it is planned to develop the intersections of entry and exit leading to the project according to the studies developed during the workshops held between the support and strategic partners in the government sector.

Saif Badr Al Qubisi, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, said the Emirate District project is considered one of the greatest capitalist projects in Emirate of Abu Dhabi at present as it serves the citizens at first place. This is through provision of residential plots ready for building for thousands of beneficiaries besides the continuous follow-up by the wise leaders that puts the citizen’s comfort at top priorities, coordinating efforts, continuous coordination with the concerned partners and ensuring commitment to the approved time schedule.

In addition, he also added that the Authority sets the necessary plan to provide debts of building for beneficiaries of the project at the time of completion of infrastructure works and continuous coordination with the concerned partners to ensure providing societal facilities in conjunction with the expected duration to move citizens to their homes. He also stated that work is continuing on providing many pre-approved different designs as proposed through “Baiti” initiative, which enables citizens to complete building of their homes at the shortest time with the cost that suits their needs.