Don’t post pix of crashes – you can be prosecuted

By Divi S.

48-car crash in February due to fog - File.

Dubai action against 5 over fake social media posts

ABU DHABI 2 April 2018: Abu Dhabi Police has called for positive use of social networking sites, while warning about posting photos of traffic violations or improper behaviour that will negatively affect the community.

Major General Salem Shaheen Al Nuaimi, Director of Command Affairs at the Abu Dhabi Police, said that users should not use social media sites to post traffic violations or circulate rumours. He warned that these acts could have legal implications for individuals, even if they are not aware of the consequences while stressing that there is no excuse for ignorance of the law, said Wam.

He added that the Internet, and especially social media sites, often promote false messages, and he urged the public to verify information through official sources before circulating them among friends. He also noted that there are authorities responsible for posting news that is based on science and facts.

Al Nuaimi added that authorities are overseeing the prevention of any acts that could damage the general public, while affirming that the Abu Dhabi Police, through its social media platforms, is conducting a series of awareness activities to alert the community about the dangers of the harmful use of social media.

“We are living in a world that is witnessing a deluge of information, and we must be cautious and positively address this issue, through regulations and legislation, and we must not circulate or post any negative or unverified information that will expose the users of these websites to legal action,” he said.

Dubai Police is reported to have referred five persons to Public Prosecution for posting ‘fake news’ on social media sites.