Drunk Arab touches up woman in Dubai restaurant queue

Dubai Airport

DUBAI 14 May 2017: A Yemeni molested a woman while queuing at a restaurant to order food, the Dubai Criminal Court.

On February 19, 23-year-old BM, employee at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport accompanied other two colleagues to a restaurant in the airport to eat.

“While I was standing in the queue a man hit my back. I turned back and saw him gazing at the promotion board at the top of the restaurant counter. I thought it was by mistake, so I did not draw his attention,” said the victim.

“After a while, he stuck his body to mine. I screamed at him while turning back towards him. He was again gazing at the upper board as if he did nothing pretending not to hear me.

“I left the queue and joined my friends who had already got their meals. I called my brother, told him what happened and then called the police. After some time, he came and sat near our table. My friends told me that he was looking at me while eating his meal,” she said.

Police arrived and arrested MY, 33, Yemeni passenger.

It was proved that MY was under the influence of alcohol.

“He tried to stand up when he saw us… he was about to fall and alcohol fumes were blowing out from him,” testified police officer Abdul Rahman Haidar adding that his food tray and the table were in a complete mess.

The accused denied molesting the woman.

However, her friend BA, testified that she heard the victim shouting at a man standing behind her who did not give any attention to her shouts.

The court will reconvene on June 4.

By Lolyana Zaki