Which Dubai car number plate sold for almost Dh3 million?

RTA raises Dh27.75 million in its 95th Open Plates Auction

One of the previous auctions

DUBAI 8 May 2017: Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has announced that its 95th Licensing Open Plates Auction, raised a total revenue of Dh27.751 million when 80 eye-catching plates were put under the hammer and sold.

Four license plates acquired the lion’s share of revenues in the auction, which saw fierce competition between bidders.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of the RTA Licensing Agency, said, “The Dh27.751 million revenue raised from the 95th Open Auction reflects the remarkable popularity of such commercial activities organised by RTA. The license number R 13 was sold at the highest bid of Dh2.920 million, while the balance was raised by other distinctive plates.”

“The number auctions organised by the RTA are characterised by transparency and enthusiasm. They measure up to the aspirations of customers who seek exclusivity in this regard. Such auctions suffice the needs and aspirations of number plate enthusiasts, and reflect RTA’s keenness to realise its third strategic goal of People Happiness,” added Bahrozyan.

By Rajive Singh