Cop took Dh600 in phone credit bribe to deport visa violators

3 visa violators, cop and intermediary in the dock

DUBAI 17 April 2017: Three UAE visa violators allegedly sought to leave the country without paying fines by bribing a police officer to arrest  and deport them at government expense/

Each paid a bribe of Dh200, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

JA, 27, Bangladeshi was the mediator between policeman IA, 27, and three visa violators.

The three violators were JA’s friends who sought to leave the country after they stayed over.

JA contacted the policeman and the two agreed that the policeman would arrest the violators. JA should pay Dh200 per arrested violator in form of du and Etisalat cards.

Police received a tip off about the malpractice and so arrested the Bangladeshi.

The Trap

Police arranged with the Bangladeshi to help trap the corrupt policeman.

Police asked the Bangladeshi to seek the policeman’s help in arresting a violator after supplying him with needed details.

The policeman assigned another policeman who works under him to arrest the violator.

The police arrested policeman IA after the Bangladeshi sent him the number of the card he had bought him for arresting the violator he has asked for his arrest.

IA admitted to the crime and the previous crimes he had committed in coordination with the Bangladeshi JA.

The court will reconvene on May 7.