Emirati woman recorded changing in fitting room by salesman

she screamed and a hand pulled the phone back

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DUBAI 20 April 22017: An Emirati woman, who was trying on a trouser in the fitting room in a garment shop, was shocked to see a mobile phone on recording put from under the door, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

At around 10am on February 15, FM went to the Festival City to buy a dress.

“I got into a shop and I noticed a staff standing at the cashier… I looked around and picked jeans and headed to the fitting room. I sat on a chair that was in the fitting room and while I was putting on the jeans, I heard a strange movement. I looked down the down and saw a mobile phone with a video recording that was on,” testified the 34-year-old Emirati FM.

The woman shouted and screamed… a hand pulled back the mobile.

The scared woman stayed in the fitting room for five minutes before she put on her dress and got out from the fitting room.

“I did not see anyone outside… but she noticed the same staff was standing opposite when she was rushed out.. He looked very scared and confused,” she testified.

The victim called the police who arrived and arrested NM, 25, Sri Lankan.

The accused admitted to the crime and the court will give verdict on June 11.

By Lolyana Zaki