Gang of five had a ‘date’ with cops they could not leave without

Gang of five thieves were on their way out of the country

Gang was nabbed at the Dubai airport

DUBAI 16 April 2017: A gang of thieves stuffed jewellery they stole from different villas in date boxes and attempted to smuggle them out of the country, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Following a number of theft complaints reported last year, police learnt that five Sri Lankan suspects were about to leave the country.

A police officer stopped the suspected five passengers and searched their luggage. They found boxes of dates.

“Opening the boxes in the presence of the passengers and a translator, we found a large quantity of jewellery in them,” testified Sargeant Jamil Mallalah.

The accused, aged between 26 – 40 years, admitted to bruglaring villas after ensuring that residents were not in.

They also admitted that each one of them had a role to play in the theft.

It was found out that the five had entered the country together and were to leave the country together as well.

The five appeared before the court for robbing a villa where they stole two golde sets and 28 precious watches in addition to mobile phones and a laptop.

By Lolyana Zaki