Jail term, deportation looms for thief in Dubai who stole… Dh11

Thief breaks into parked taxi cab in Dubai... finds just Dh11

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DUBAI 6 April 2017: A Jobless Pakistani allegedly broke into a taxi to find only Dh11. He is in court and is facing a jail term followed by deportation.

But the damage he caused was worth eight times more at Dh80, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

In March 2015, as ataxi driver finished his work, he stopped the car in a parking lot at the Gold Souq in Naif area.

“On the following morning, I noticed that the Dh11 which I left in the car were missing. I then noticed that that side glass of the car was broken,” testified MA who informed the police.

The driver submitted Dh80 bill for replacing the broken glass.

Police investigated the compliant and found the DNA and finger prints of AS, 27 were on the car.

AS is also accused of committing car thefts in both Sharjah and Dubai.

Police arrested AS and he admitted to breaking into the car in addition to committing other car thefts.

The court will reconvene on April 26.

 – By Lolyana Zaki