Kids build solar-powered vehicles at book fair

By Angel Chan

SHARJAH 10 November 2017: With fossil fuels a finite resource and climate change a regular item on the political agenda, it is perhaps appropriate that concepts of renewable energy be introduced to the younger generations at the earliest of ages.

One workshop for children taking place at the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), is doing just that. Titled Solar Vehicles, the session under the fair’s Children’s Activities programme, is showing how light can be used to power an electric motor vehicle, said Wam.

The workshop, given by a company called Solar Desk, starts with the children given an unassembled toy vehicle, comprising wheels, motor, body and solar panel, which they are given assistance in putting together using a screwdriver.

The completed model is then placed on a flat surface and an illuminated light bulb shone over it. The children can witness their car – which they get to take home with them after the session has closed – start to trundle along, powered solely by the light source.