Lebanese in the dock for drinking, insulting religion

By Lolyana Zaki

DUBAI 14 November 2017: A Lebanese is being prosecuted for contempt of religion and insulting divinity in addition to assaulting and abusing two women, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

ZO, 29, is also accused of consuming alcohol.

On April 5, 34-yeal-old Lebanese EG and her sister IG went to a night club in a hotel.

“An argument broke out with a woman sitting in the neighbouring table. All of a sudden ZO rushed to me and crushed my hand to the table. I stood up and pushed him away… he rushed wanting to beat me but other men caught him and prevented him from doing that… while they were pulling him away from me he abused me saying” ‘You are a bitch” and insulted God,” she testified.

Her 31 year old sister repeated corporative testimony.

The two sisters lodged a complaint with police in the morning.

The accused disappeared and did not answer police calls on his mobile.

However, ZO was arrested after a couple of months in Dubai Downtown.

The court will reconvene on December 5.