Man thinks he is tiger after having depression drugs

He ran naked on four inside forest

A phototrapher caught a flash of the 21-year-old man running stark-naked on all fours through a forest in Poland.

According to authorities, Marek, from the Czech Republic discovered his “true personality” when he stripped naked and pretended to be a tiger.

Confused foresters handed the snaps over to police, who later apprehended Marek.

The 21-year-old eventually confessed he had taken the hallucinatory drug after being questioned by cop

He explained how he believed he had become a Siberian tiger once the drug kicked in, which is when his “true personality woke up”.

Once the transition was complete, he “picked up a scent” and felt compelled to follow it on all-fours, he told cops.

After mapping out his journey, cops realised the 21-year-old had travelled 25 kilometres (15.5miles) through forest which marks the Czech-Polish border in this way.

At the time of his questioning, Marek did not have any drugs in his possession.

He has been fined, but will not face further charges.