How many mobile phones do you have?

By Angel Chan

UAE has one of world’s highest per capita use of mobile phones

ABU DHABI 24 September 2017: Total subscriptions to the UAE telecommunications services increased to 23.36 million by the end of July from 23.318 million in June 2017.

The subscriptions, according to recent data released by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, include mobile, landline and data services, said Wam.

The month of July witnessed remarkable growth in mobile services with cell-phone subscriber numbers increasing to 19.752 million against 19.711 in June, posting one of the world’s highest per capita mobile phone use ratios of 226.4 per 100 people, according to international business indicators.

Pre-paid mobile services still represent the main enabler for growth in the UAE telecommunications sector, with subscriber numbers growing to 16.495 million by the end of July from 16.428 million in June.

In the meantime, subscribers to post-paid mobile services declined from 3.282 million in June to 3.257 million in July 2017.

Subscriptions to landline services remained almost unchanged at 2.288 million, with fixed-line subscriptions per 100 inhabitants reaching 26.2.

Internet service subscriber number hit 1.315 million by the end of July – the same level recorded in June, with broadband internet services spread ratio standing at 15.1 per 100 people.

The statistics reaffirm the vibrant and robust nature of the UAE’s telecommunications sector. Subscriber numbers and usage volumes have continued to grow, with the licensees working tirelessly to respond to evolving consumers’ demands.