How much did car number plate ‘66666’ sell for in UAE?

plate number '15' won the highest bid with Dh1.4 million

Sharjah 4 April 2017: More than Dh9.86 million were raised by Sharjah Police General Directorate at its third Electronic Auction for special plate numbers, organized in collaboration with Emirates Auction from 26 March to 1 April.

The great interest shown by bidders was evident in prolonging bidding deadline to 11 PM, where 645 bidders from inside and outside the UAE competed under the watchful eyes of

almost half a million people who observed the bidding on their smart phones and Emirates Auction’s website.

The auction presented 100 special plate numbers, including the two-digit numbers ’15’ and ’66’. Nine three-digit numbers were also in the auction, ‘120’, ‘121’, ‘200’, ‘202’, ‘221’,

‘313’, ‘660”, ‘801’ and ‘888’.

sharjah car number late auction

Some 44 four-digit numbers were also presented, including the special ‘2222’ and ‘5000’ numbers, in addition to 45 five-digit numbers, totaling 100 special numbers.

The plate number “66666” saw the largest number of bids (469), and it was sold for Dh559,000.

On the other hand, plate number ’15’ won the highest bid with Dh1.4 million, followed by ’66’ which was sold for Dh1.14 million.

Plate number ‘888’ saw stiff  competition as well, and was sold for Dh700,000 while ‘2222’ headed the four-digit category with Dh600,000.

Plate number ‘200’ was sold for Dh382,000. The lowest price went to plate number ‘89100’, which was sold for Dh6,000.


Sharjah Police General Directorate also announced plans to hold another auction in the near future, in collaboration with Emirates Auction, for a number of third category plate numbers.

By Rajive Singh