Pakistani duo stole car number plates to commit thefts

in every theft they committed they used a different number plate

DUBAI 17 April 2017: A Pakistani duo, whose car carried a number pate of another driver, admitted to stealing and using number plate to avoid being identified while committing other thefts, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On January 6, 2016, First Corporal, Saeed Abdullah suspected a Honda Accord so he stopped the car and asked the driver and his companion to present their IDs.

PJ, 27 and MY, 21, Pakistani duo got very confused and confounded as the officer checked also the car’s documents.

“Checking on the car’s number plate, it was proved to be of another car. the driver, OJ, admitted to stealing many number plates that he used them to commit thefts of other cars,” testified the officer.

He told the officer that they did that to avoid being identified. “If any of the public would see us while committing a theft and report about the car number plate, we would not be identified.

The two also revealed that they in every theft they committed they used a different number plate and then they get rid of them after every theft to help further mislead any probable investigation.

Threw in Sea

“We get rid of one of the number plate by throwing them in the sea at Al Mamzar area,” admitted JO.

The accused told investigators that while roaming in Al Quoz Industrial area II, the spotted a Mitsubishi. They stopped and stole the front and back number plates of the car and ran away.

They fixed the number plate on their Honda Accord and drove to Abu Hail area where they spotted a pick up. They stopped and stole the spare tyre before running away, admitted MY.

The accused sold the tyre for Dh200 to a friend who has a shop in Hor Al Anz.

The court will reconvene on May 7.