You can pay your credit card buy with your finger

By Divi S.

DUBAI 16 April 2018: Visa’s first battery-less dual interface biometric payment card, has been unveiled by Gemalto and biometric firm Zwipe with Areeba, a financial and payment technology company, with the support of Unilux Cards.

 It is the first chip- and contactless-enabled in the Middle East.

The pilot aims to test the use of fingerprint recognition as a more convenient and secure alternative to PIN or signature to authenticate the cardholder during a transaction.  

Maher Mikati, CEO of Areeba, said: “Using fingerprint technology to authenticate a person for payments will provide cardholders a faster, easier and more secure payment process compared to the traditional use of PINs. We are proud to partner with Visa, Gemalto and Zwipe to run this pilot program in the Middle East and make this innovative product available for financial institutions who are keen to integrate biometric technology into their payment cards to enhance convenience and reduce fraud.”

Nathan Cushnie, Visa’s Head of Digital Solutions for Mena, commented: “Just last month, we released findings from our survey of UAE consumer attitudes towards biometrics which revealed that 98 per cent of consumers surveyed in the UAE are keen to use biometrics such as fingerprint recognition for payments.”

André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe said: “We have seen a major surge in interest for our market leading battery-less dual interface biometric payment technology especially in the Middle East and we are confident that millions of consumers will be using their fingerprints and Zwipe technology to securely authenticate themselves and conveniently complete transactions going forward.”