First outside East Asia – inflatable playground Hawa Hawa @ La Mer

By Angel Chan

DUBAI 22 November 2017: Hawa Hawa, a new inflatable playground for children, teenagers and adults that can’t sit still, has opened at La Mer.

The dune-shaped concept originates from Japan, where it has been installed in public parks and other open spaces. Hawa Hawa is also the first-of-its-outside of East Asia, with two unique dunes and seven peaks where families and friends can share some low-impact, high-intensity fun together.

The energising experience at Hawa Hawa is designed to complement the leisure and entertainment offering at La Mer, and is located just a few metres from the shops, cafes, restaurants, and amenities that line the beachfront at La Mer North.

Spread over 1,800 square metres, the imaginative playground was created to enrich the lives of residents and visitors to Dubai, and to promote a lifestyle that will enable more people to enjoy the physical and emotional health benefits associated with a great cardiovascular activity.


Each of the two dunes at Hawa Hawa are made from an all-weather double skin tensile membrane that has been tested and imported directly from Japan, with small dune and large dunes ensuring various age groups can play alongside each one another. The small dune is specifically for children aged 6-years old and under to work on their balance, build confidence or play in the safe and controlled environment, while the separate large dune is intended for visitors aged 7-years old and over to run, jump, climb, tag, roll and slide around.

Hawa Hawa will be open between 10am and 10pm on weekdays and 10am and midnight during weekends, with only those under 12-years old requiring adult supervision. The experience has no minimum age at limit, and the maximum weight of 99 kilograms is intended to ensure as many people as possible can join in the adventure.


As one of the most unique experiences at La Mer, Hawa Hawa can also accommodate private birthday parties and other celebrations, adding a new dimension to life in the city’s Jumeira 1 neighbourhood.

Stretching into the sea from the prestigious Jumeira 1 neighbourhood, La Mer is a world-class destination that promises an inspiring environment, while setting a new global benchmark for beachfront developments with its uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf and iconic city skyline.

The existing beaches have been redeveloped to include showers, toilets with baby changing and disabled access, free wifi, information hubs, mobile charging, prayer rooms, four children’s playground areas and over 1,000 dedicated parking spaces.