Read Dubai Declaration on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation

effective air transport sector cyber-response cannot be underestimated

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DUBAI 9 April 2017: There are six points stipulated in the Dubai Declaration on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation.

These include the commitment to mitigate the risk posed by cyber threats; to build capability and capacity to address such threats in civil aviation, and to ensure that legislative framework is appropriately established.

The declaration also emphasised on collaboration and exchange among states and other stakeholders for the development of an effective framework to address Cyber threat challenges.

The declaration culminated in commitment and engagement towards the development of a robust, efficient and sustainable civil aviation system.

The Dubai Declaration on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation was announced at the  ICAO Cyber Summit & Exhibition, held in Dubai on 4-6 April.

The UAE was represented by the General Civil Aviation Authority, GCAA, together with state officials and representatives from the ICAO Member States, as well as regional and international organisations.

President of ICAO Council Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu made the announcement.

icao cyber meet

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy and Chairman of GCAA, said, “The aviation transportation network is reliable, safe, and efficient and carries billions of passengers and millions of tonnes of freight annually. To ensure sustainability is maintained in this vital sector, it was important for the global community to be proactive, cross-pollinate ideas, share views, participate in the event and support the principles contained in the declaration.”

“The ICAO Cyber Summit and Exhibition, witnessing over 85 nations and more than 600 international organisations, coming together to agree on international cross-industry collaboration is a remarkable milestone. It is a testimony that the aviation industry is at the forefront when it comes to managing emerging risks and that it maintains its commitment to ensuring a safe and secure transportation system worldwide,” the Minister added.

“The fundamental importance of global harmonisation to an effective air transport sector cyber-response cannot be underestimated. Our traditional first responders in aviation, pilots and air traffic controllers, must have the training and capabilities they need to recognise and respond to cyber-attacks and effectively intervene in case of system failures. This Summit is an important first step toward a more enhanced and collaborative approach to cyber coordination and cyber response,” said Dr. Aliu.

Saif Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the GCAA, said, “Ensuring cooperation between government entities, the international aviation industry partners and the multitude of stakeholders who are fundamental in combating cyber threats are crucial. The Dubai Declaration is an important milestone in our journey towards a safer and more secure air transport eco-system. It’s a day for the aviation system to be proud of, a day that will be followed by harder work and critical decision making.”