Reckless driver ordered to clean Abu Dhabi streets for 3 months

First such case in Abu Dhabi following Dubai Ruler's order on stunt driver

The unnamed traffic violator was first to be ordered to do community service in Abu Dhab: Image Courtesy Al Bayan

ABU DHABI 28 March 2017: The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has ordered a ‘reckless’ unemployed youth to clean roads and public squares for three months.

He was also fined Dh17,000 and his driving licence as been withdrawn for three months. He was engaged in reckless driving in a car without plates, not taking into account the rainy weather, exposing his life and others to danger, and not stopping when causing an accident.

This provision is the first issued by the local courts of Abu Dhabi in the context of the application of Law No. (7) of 2016, which includes the inclusion of the penalty of community service in some misdemeanors in lieu of imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or a fine, according to Arabic daily Al Bayan.

Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution referred a young unemployed citizen to court. The court convicted the accused and sentenced him to perform community service for three months. It fined Dh10,000 for not stopping at the cause of an accident. The ruling also fined him Dh7,000 for the other offences.

Public Prosecution Office in Abu Dhabi explained that the Community Prosecution was recently established.


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 – By Rajive Singh