Spreading quality, innovation, excellence… with a staff of just 8

DQG – one of most successful Dubai entities… quietly doing a great job

DUBAI 2 May 2017: One of the most successful – but unspoken of – institutions in this emirate is the Dubai Quality Group (DQG).

Since its inception in 1994, DQG has been spreading the culture of quality and giving awards of excellence to myriad public and private sector institutions in Dubai. But, perhaps, DGQ itself has one of the best success stories to tell.

DQG is an institution that funds itself and is financially independent. It caters to 350 members, organizes more than 50 training programmes a year, 30 free seminars & business breakfast events and half a dozen big conventions of up to 350 people, including the Emirates Women Award and Ideas Arabia conferences. It has tied up with most global majors in quality, excellence and change management fields.

Salman Viralipurath
Salman Viralipurath

All this with a highly motivated and dedicated staff of just eight, led by the quiet and unassuming [but very hardworking] Deputy Managing Director Salman Viralipurath.

Salman accidentally stumbled on to DQG in 2000. A young man, Salman’s ambitions lay in business. But after he “lost all” in a venture, a chance meeting with an official brought him to DQG.

Joined to Survive

“I joined to survive. I thought it would be a temporary thing till I got back into business,” recalls Salman.

He joined DQG as ‘Marketing Support’, then moved to ‘Admin’, then became company ‘PRO’, then moved to ‘Events’ and so on. Today, he effectively runs DQG under the chair of Fatma Buti Al Mheiri – the first woman to head DQG.

“It has been a big journey. I have learnt the business from inside and outside. I have seen some great leaders as our Board of Directors in the span of 17 years, says Salman.

When Salman joined in 2000, DQG was not in good shape. Today there is no external budget support.

Management Style

Salman’s management style is to work with the team as a ‘family’.

“I have a great team [of 8]. They are all-rounders. The success of DQG is in the team,” says Salman.

Challenges are always there – like in 2008 – but DQG as a family overcomes them.

“DQG is a passion with me. I have had a lot of offers – some great ones – but this is where I will stay till I retire,” says the Deputy Managing Director.

By Eudore R Chand