Student Alert: Get work visa in Dubai, earn cash and experience

facility strengthens Dubai’s reputation as a leading education hub

DUBAI 4 May 2017: If you are a student, you can work part-time in Dubai and either get some pocket money, pay for your education or start building your fortune.

A new part-time student work regulation has been issued by Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA), to strengthen Dubai’s position as an international education hub for a growing transnational student sector, said Wam.

The impact of the student wok visa was hailed at the fifth edition of the Industry and University Partnership Forum, I-UP Forum, hosted by Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), and Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP).

The forum, an education dialogue entitled, “The Part Time Student Work Policy – Supporting home grown talent and equipping our youth with the skills to succeed in the work place”, was attended by experts and professionals from universities, industries and government departments, including panellists Mohamed Al Bahri, Chief Officer at Zoning and Commercial Affairs of DCCA, Mohammed Salem, President of University of Wollongong Dubai and Jean Michel Gauthier, CEO of InternsME.

“Several knowledge hubs in North America and Europe already allow students to work while they study. Not only does this initiative further move Dubai towards becoming a global education powerhouse, it is also proof of the UAE’s commitment to transition into an innovative economy by equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to develop and succeed,” said Mohammad Abdullah, Managing Director of DIAC and DKP.

The regulation is a significant milestone that aligns with the UAE’s Vision 2021, which has articulated the setting up of a ‘Competitive Knowledge Economy’. The Student Part-time Work Regulation will ensure a volume of qualified and work-ready young professionals by allowing creative talent to gain critical industry experience to complement their fields of study and increase their employment prospects post-graduation.

Students are not the only stakeholder group to benefit from this initiative. Businesses licensed by DCCA now have access to a valuable, enthusiastic and creative stream of cost-effective talent.

This is especially important for Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, which account for approximately 90 percent of private sector employment in the UAE, allowing much needed flexibility to build capacity for short term projects.

Utilising a qualified and well-rounded workforce, businesses can now effectively match talent with skills and reduce recruiting unskilled workers from overseas.

By Sheena Amos