Thieves break into gold shop, loot jewellery worth Dh1.5 million

DUBAI 17 May 2017: Dubai Prosecution referred to the court five accused of burglarizing a shop and stealing Dh1.5 million worth of gold jewellery.

Dubai Attorney General said that following investigations in jewellery shop theft, Dubai Prosecution accused the five and referred them to the court.

“We ask Criminal Court to implement stiffest penalty on the accused,” he said.

Chief Prosecutor Khalid Ali Al Junaibi said that investigations revealed that the accused broke the glass-front of the shop and stole a large necklace, bracelets and gold  – all estimated at Dh1.5 million.

“Four admitted to the accusation and the fifth admitted that he was willing to buy the stolen gold. He actually melted some of the stolen jewellery to identify its purity,” he said.

Camera footage retrieved from the scene showed the thieves while burglarizing the shop.

“Confessions of the accused matched recordings of the camera footage,” he added.

By Lolyana Zaki