Three cops in the net for asking for Dh35,000 bribe

By Lolyana Zaki

DUBAI 16 November 2017: Three cops allegedly asked for Dh50,000 and accepted Dh35,000 bribe for releasing documents that were in an impounded car, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AM met Omani Corporal AS in a hotel through a hotel security staff one night when he was getting out from a night club.

“My relationship with AS became stronger and then the latter started asking me to lend him money. I lent him but he never returned it to me. He also took my car for two weeks. In May, my Egyptian friend TH asked me if I can get some documents of his Saudi friend whose car was impounded with Dubai Police,” testified AM.

AM sought the help of police officer AS and the latter expressed readiness asking for Dh5,000 for the service.

AM told his Egyptian friend about what the officer asked and the latter informed the police.

Police asked both AM and TH to go ahead with the offer. So, they supplied him with the name of the car’s owner and number plate.

The officer increased the amount to Dh20,000 as the car was impounded at Warsan which was not within his authority.

The officer asked the two to meet him in his office. They went there and he introduced them to his colleague Emirati corporal JM who knew an officer in Warsan impound centre.

Dh50,000 Demand

Officer JM asked the two to pay Dh50,000, of which Dh30,000 was for the officer in Warsan impound centre and Dh10,000 for each of them, JM and AS.

“He asked us to give him the telephone number of the owner of the car to get his approval on handing over the document to TH,” testified AM.

Police advised the two to bargain the amount and so they did and brought it down to Dh35,000.

On May 23, AM called his friend the officer AS to remind him of the issue.

AS asked AM to send him Dh100 mobile credit claiming that he could not call his colleague to remind him of the documents.

“I sent him the mobile phone credit and two days later he met his friend corporal AS in a night club of a hotel to get the documents,” AM testified.

Police supplied AM and his friend TH with the amount and asked them to give a signal after handing over the amount.

Police Set Up

At around 11pm, Corporals AS and JM came to the night club and after receiving the amount and handing over an envelope which contained the documents, policemen raided the place and arrested the two officers.

TH repeated testimonies and said that his Saudi friend had asked him to get documents that were in his car which was impounded after his son violated traffic rules.

“I told my Saudi friend about corporal AS who asked for Dh5,000 to get the documents. He asked me to inform the police instead,” testified TH.

Corporal AS and JM admitted that they asked for a bribe and they were supposed to get Dh15,000 while their colleague in Warsan impound centre Sergeant AK was supposed to get Dh5,000.

Police asked the two corporals to call Sergeant AK.

Corporal AS called Sergeant AK and asked him to meet to get his Dh5,000 share for getting the documents.

Police raided the place and arrested Sergeant AK red handed at the parking lot of Al Barsha police station.

Sergeant AK denied getting any bribe and that the amount that was found with him he did not know why Corporal AS put it on the seat next to him.

He claimed that Corporal AS asked him for documents in his car and because he was busy as he could not go to the impound centre to do that himself.

“I officially got the documents from the car after supplying its number plate to the policeman at the centre’s gate. I did that as a favour to my colleague Corporal AS,” he claimed.

However, telephone calls recorded between Corporal AS and Sergeant AK proved that the latter knew about the bribe and that his share was Dh5,000.

The court will reconvene on December 6.