Trader cons Emirati brother-in-law out of Dh241,500

By Lolyana Zaki

DUBAI 4 November 2017: A Bahraini trader allegedly conned his Emirati brother-in-law out of Dh241,500 by claiming to get a farming plot from the government, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

In 2013, the trader, NM, 39, asked his brother-in-law, MH, 60, if he wishes to own a farming plot claiming that he has connections with a housing institution in the government.

“I agreed on that and so he asked me to give him Dh85,000 to facilitate formalities to get the land. After sometime he asked me for Dh112,500. I paid him all the requested amounts,” said the victim.

The accused then presented a certificate from the housing institution which states allocation of the land. He then asked the victim for Dh180,000 to help change the plot’s type from residential to agricultural,” testified the victim.

The victim issued the accused two cheques of Dh90,000 each. On top of the amounts he paid him in cash Dh14,000.

The accused, sought the help of an Emirati woman for collecting the cheques. The two cheques were issued in the woman’s name because the accused does not hold ID documents.

The woman HA, 36, admitted that she accepted to help NM in collecting the cheques without gaining any personal benefit.

After sometime, the victim found out that the certificate he was given, was forged.

“I asked him to return the amounts he got from me. He paid me back only Dh100,000,” said the victim.

The court will reconvene on November 19.