How to transform from employee to an entrepreneur

By Theda Muller

DUBAI 7 November 2017: There is a profound realistic contrast when you are positioned within a large corporate, perhaps in a very senior designation where you have experienced a variation of very real emotions – that you are not born to be employed, but destined for greater success.

Or, like many employees, you feel that you are contributing so much that is making a huge difference to the companies ‘bottom-line’, that you are authority in this space and that you can accumulate the wealth and success for yourself, instead of continuing to increase someone else’s wealth and success.

Theda Muller
Theda Muller

Those reasons are very real for most, because historically entrepreneurship has always presented itself as glamorous, the opportunity to ‘be your own boss and not be dictated to’, to create your own blueprint or road map – these feelings are real most of the time. However, all those justifications are the wrong reasons for transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship.

You must be aware that the world out there, alone, breaking through into a new world, building, sacrificing and later to bear the responsibility of the livelihood of your employees and their respective families as a major responsibility, where you are last in the line, is a very key factor to deriving at the decision to embark on an entrepreneurship journey.

Most of the time it’s easy to assume that the transition will be simple, because right now you are seated in a job with a salary that is credited to your account monthly, like clockwork. In the other world it will be your job to ensure that you, your staff and the company, are fully supported, without exception, else you will not survive as it is a tough job.

Many corporate employees have embarked on this entrepreneur journey without doing their homework and once the funds are depleted, or the business cannot generate new clients, or they cannot succeed in branding their new venture, then they must resort to finding another job and here lies the problem. I am not implying not to try, as we must all try if we have the urge to be our own boss.

  1. Do your homework;
  2. Seek niche market products and solutions and never perturb yourself with competitors, because if you are a gifted visionary, creativity and innovation will be a natural progression, once you are in this space;
  3. Be thorough with research and feasibilities;
  4. Secure an experienced mentor to help you with your startup;
  5. Emerge yourself into free online resources as there are many;
  6. Rework and revisit your commercials so you can ensure that you can sustain yourself and your business for the next 12 months;
  7. Seek cost effective methods to fully establish your startup, where the end-result does not have to be a cheap image, product or service, but it takes mastering and experience to acquire this caliber of expertise, so seek them out;
  8. Create an exit plan, without being negative you need this plan of action if the initial plan fails or is not as successful as you planned it to be;
  9. Don’t find yourself destitute after 6months of being in business, because you will lose much, where you could have avoided the loss;
  10. Don’t ‘splash out’ on luxuries when you receive your first big cheque, save it for a rainy day, because most times they will come around and you need to sustain this period;

Recreating yourself to eventually emerge as a successful business owner, requires grit of an unimaginable volumes, where situations, failures and successes, even people disappointments, loss of trust and many other key factors form very real integral components of this journey, where the key is not allowing any negativity to smash your hopes and dreams, as you must learn to become unstoppable in the face of any kind of adversity or challenge.

There are so many characteristics that you must acquire to eventually achieve the levels of success you dream of, where many can recreate themselves within their corporate environments and emerge as a successful entrepreneur, it does not have to be as a business owner, as not everyone is on this planet to be a business owner, because everyone has innate gifts that allows them to contribute exactly where they are and progress to extreme levels of success, but the choice is onus to each individual as we are all uniquely created.

If you are an individual who needs a salary monthly like clockwork, then this transition would be a disaster for you, where I know a good few who are this way and it’s fine, they are successful within their organizations with excellent performance.

My article today is for those seated on the edge, between two worlds, contemplating entrepreneurship, then my advice is follow your instinct and the guideline detailed above, where only you will know what the right decision is for you, regardless. I have known entrepreneurs who did this transition and are hugely successful today, so never let anyone allow you to change your mind when you have a burning desire to be an entrepreneur and you know you have not copied and pasted the concept, product or service, but it was created from your innate gifts.

When you focus on how you wish to change your world and the world of those around you, whether your community, country or humanity, then you have changed your focus from physical money to serving, which is one of the key reasons why many entrepreneurs achieve the desired success, because then they don’t build resistance, so the money and success is a natural progression, as they are not focusing on the money, but the goals, objectives and success!

Note: Theda Muller is a UAE-based visionary entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of various UAE companies, business advisor and legacy mentor, US trained and globally experienced. She is also an author of two books: Embrace Financial Freedom Volume One: 10 Proven Ways To Release Debt And Emotional Fears In Today’s Economy, and Volume Two: Releasing Fear And Bouncing Back From A Debt Crisis. She also conducts webinars and workshops on debt recovery.