UAE Commuter Alert: Taxi fares to rise by Dh2.50

By Angel Chan

AJMAN 8 April 2018: The Ajman Public Transport Corporation has adjusted the tariffs on taxi companies, beginning 1st April 2018, with aim of improving local transport services provided to the public.

The adjustment to the tariffs on taxi companies that operate under the umbrella of the corporation involves an increase of Dh2.50, which was made in light of the rising fuel prices and in line with the country’s economic development, said Wam.

The tariff in Ajman is lower than any of the other emirates.

The decision, which was based on several regular surveys and studies conducted by the corporation, was made to fulfil the needs of the community by improving local transport services. The corporation also made comparisons with other emirates and explored the difficulties facing taxi drivers on a daily basis, to provide the public with the best services.

The corporation believes that this slight increase will have a positive effect and improve the level of local transport services, and will also promote the role of taxi drivers in implementing its plans and programmes and improve their level of customer service.