UAE National Day: What not to do with your car

By Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABI 29 November 2017: The Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Administration of Traffic Coordination, has set the conditions for decorating vehicles during the 46th National Day celebrations, which will be held between 30th November and 4th December.

Brigadier Ghaith Al Zaabi, Director-General of Traffic Coordination at the Ministry of Interior, said that specific requirements must be followed, including the need to obtain a permit from traffic departments and patrols to take part in the march, and the need for drivers to follow traffic rules and conditions and police instructions during the event, said Wam.

He added that the ministry encourages people to celebrate this precious national occasion in a civilised manner, and it will allow the writing of national phrases that do not insult or affect others, as well as the waving of the national flag, on vehicles, and the placing of stickers and temporary painting on the sides of vehicles.

Al Zaabi stressed that the rules for decorating cars during National Day include not painting or covering vehicle windows, not placing any items on the front windshield, not overloading vehicles over the permitted number of passengers, and not allowing them to hang outside of the vehicles windows and sitting or standing on the roof of the vehicle.

The requirements also include not performing acrobatic stunts, not drifting or wheeling on roads, not disrupting or obstructing traffic, not parking in prohibited areas, not blocking roads for others, and not using sound amplifiers.

Al Zaabi explained that violating these rules will result in penalties stipulated in the Federal Traffic Law and its executive regulations, which include the impounding of vehicles for one month, the deduction of 12 licence points and a fine, as well as other penalties for those who violate these regulations during National Day.

He called on drivers to abide by these requirements while celebrating National Day in all public places nationwide, to ensure public safety and reduce traffic violations and accidents for their security and the safety of others, as well as to avoid being subjected to penalties stipulated in the Federal Traffic Law.