UAE starts on 100-year plan to settle planet Mars

The Red Planet - Courtesy Nasa

By Rajive Singh

DUBAI: The UAE has started work on its ambitious plan to have a settlement on planet Mars by year 2117.

And the responsibility to put UAE on Mars has been given to Dubai-based Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC).

It has been tasked to prepare a 100-year plan for the project’s implementation.

mars 3  UAE's proposed settlement on planet Mars. (Courtesy: Wam)  mars 2

The centre’s plan will focus on preparing specialised national cadres and developing their capabilities in the fields of space science, research, artificial intelligence, robotics and advanced space technologies.

The centre will also put in place a detailed plan for the next five years that will deal with all technological, logistical and technical aspects of the project.

This five-year plan will be carried out alongside a media plan that will keep pace with the project’s implementation programme. The media plan will ensure coverage at local, regional and international levels, taking into consideration how well the project was received when it was announced during the World Government Summit 2017.

The Mars 2117 project includes putting in place a programme to prepare Emiratis for Mars and space exploration. The project aims to build the first city on Mars in 100 years, which will be achieved through various scientific alliances.

The project will be associated with research themes involved in the exploration of faster transportation systems to Mars, as well as building houses and producing energy and food. It will also try to find faster transportation methods for travelling to and from Mars.

[Image Credit: Emirates Mars Mission – Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre]