What is UAE’s favourite song @ work?

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 12 October 2017: Luis Fonsi’s Despacito has been voted the UAE’s favourite song to get ready for a day at work (22 per cent), according to new research released by LinkedIn, in conjunction with Censuwide.

The popular track beat Rihanna’s Work (20 per cent) and Eminem’s Lose Yourself (17 per cent) to the top spot in the survey designed to lift the lid on the divisive nature of music at work.

The study shows many workers think listening to music at work helps make them better at their jobs. Almost half (48 per cent) of workers think music helps them to concentrate and stay focused, as well as motivated (48 per cent) while over half argues it helps them to keep calm (51 per cent). They aren’t the only benefits though –  over a quarter of workers (26 per cent) admit to playing music to drown out the sound of their fellow colleagues.

Classical music is employees’ workplace go-to, with 42 per cent of workers selecting it as their genre of choice, but there are some surprising tastes across different industries in the UAE. LinkedIn data identified the HR industry as most likely to select rock music (25 per cent) as the most acceptable music genre for the workplace while half (50 per cent) of those working with the arts were fans of pop music in the office.

The most popular songs to listen to, to get you ready for a day at work

1 Despacito – Luis Fonso (22 per cent)
2 Work – Rihanna (20 per cent)
3 Lose Yourself – Eminem (17 per cent)
4 Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (15 per cent)
5 Dreams – The Cranberries (14 per cent)

 The least popular songs to listen to, to get you ready for a day at work

1 Wonderwall – Oasis (10.5 per cent)
2 Waves – Mr. Probz (7.5 per cent)
3 She Works Hard For The Money – Donna Summer (7.5 per cent)