Donald Trump elected US President; Clinton calls to concede defeat

Donald Trump elected US President!

As the latest reports come in, Donald Trump takes a clear lead over Hillary Clinton. With him winning Florida, Clinton’s hope for a victory seems to fade.

EARLIER REPORTS: Clinton, Trump fight for edge in close battle 

US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are taking the race to the finish line, with the margins separating them in crucial states continuing to remain razor thin.

While Trump has won in southern states, Clinton has garnered wins in northeastern states.

The win one of them must collect 270 of the 538 electoral votes.

The full results are expected after 23:00 EST (04:00 GMT) today.

 Clinton, Trump cast votes

And thus… the final hours are here. Americans are choosing their next president.

Hillary Clinton has cast her vote in the presidential election in her hometown of Chappaqua in New York. She described the moments as the “most humbling feeling”.

She was joined by her husband Bill Clinton, who joked that he’s “already good” and that he has had “15 years of practice”.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, cast his vote a couple of hours later.

A record number of Americans (46 million)  have already voted early by post or at polling stations.