Victim finds attackers complaining against him to cops

road rage: three attack tanker driver on highway

DUBAI 3 April 2017: Imagine the surprise of the victim – to find his attackers lodging a complaint against him at the police station.

Three Bahraini trailer drivers – after beating up another driver – lodged a complaint against the victim with the police.

They allegedly attacked a driver on Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway and left him with 10 per cent permanent disability, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On May 4, 2016, AR, 59, Pakistani was driving a water-tanker from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. He was accompanied by KZ, when the driver of a trailer that carried Bahrain number plate tried to suddenly swerve into the lane he was driving in.

“I used a strong break to avoid the collision and swerved to the other lane. I drove parallel to the trailer and asked the driver why did he do that. All of a sudden another trailer appeared in front of me and its driver used a sudden break.

“After pulling the emergency brake, I stopped off the road and so did the other drivers. I tried to ask them why did they do that, but the three men hit me in different areas of my body before they left the place,” testified the victim.

He called the police who arrived at the scene and rushed him to Rashid Hospital where he was operated for his injuries.

His companion KZ went to the police station station to make his testimony – where he was shocked to see the attackers lodging a complaint against AR and himself.

He notified First Corporal Rashid Mohammed.

The police officer found that the attackers HA, 31, MI, 25, and AA, 21, all were Bahrainis.

The attackers were confronted with the testimony of the victim’s companion KZ and the injuries that the victim sustained they admitted to attacking the driver after arguing over the right of using the road.

Forensic reported that the driver sustained a leg injury and fraction with 10 per cent rate of permanent disability.

The court will give verdict on May 30.

By Lolyana Zaki