Watch Hong Kong escalator reverse and go high speed

At least 17 people are injured after being thrown to the ground

DUBAI 29 March 2017: At least 17 people were injured after being thrown to the ground when an escalator in a Hong Kong shopping center suddenly changed direction and sped up.

Shoppers screamed in terror when a 45-meter escalator suddenly changed directions and hurled people to the floor of a Hong Kong shopping center.

In the incident, captured on CCTV, dozens of shoppers were queuing to go upstairs. When the escalator suddenly changed direction, almost everyone shifted to the left and grabbed onto the handrail for stability.

As the machine started going down, it sped up, causing shoppers to pile onto each other at the foot of the escalator. When the upward escalator malfunctioned, people travelling downstairs ran to get on to firm ground.

Both directions slowed to a halt and some shoppers tried to get upstairs by walking up the stationary escalator. Shoppers on the lower floor ran to the pile of bodies to pull people up and make sure they were alright.

The dramatic video has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook since the Saturday incident. One man, who suffered serious head injuries, was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

A woman said ‘I heard people screaming. The escalator was going down but the speed accelerated. ‘People started to panic and some fell down.’

Picture, text and video posted by Alex Broadbent on YouTube.