From The Web: We bring you some important, funny, inspiring or plain bizarre images that are doing the rounds on the Internet or [as they say] the Web. These are not independently verified, but are nevertheless of note as they are being read – and seen by millions of people around the world.

Have a look with a ‘tonne’ of salt.

DUBAI 23 April 2018: Who’s the baby?

DUBAI 10 April 2018: Phone Charger…

DUBAI 10 April 2018: Bull’s Eye…

DUBAI 1 April 2018: Only in India…

DUBAI 13 March 2018: Best Supporting Actor?

DUBAI 4 March 2018: Sleep Pod?

DUBAI 25 February 2018: Drive-in ATM?

DUBAI 18 February 2018: What’s that…

DUBAI 12 February 2018: Defeating onions…

DUBAI 4 February 2018: Baby Carriage…


DUBAI 28 January 2018: Nap time…


DUBAI 21 January 2018: Avid gardner…


DUBAI 15 January 2018: Deep…


DUBAI 8 January 2018: Say what?


DUBAI 24 December 2017: It’s comfy nap time, right…

fat man

DUBAI 17 December 2017: BBQ season – Ingenious style…

BBQ and cool box
BBQ and cool box

DUBAI 10 December 2017:


DUBAI 4 December 2017: This can happen only in India – accompanying comment said traffic police stopped the motorcyclist but did not charge him – instead they advised him to get a car or go in for family planning…


DUBAI 26 November 2017: Is she waiting for a bus or a taxi?

train station

Dubai 19 November 2017: Ingenious


Dubai 12 November 2017: Can’t be beat


Dubai 5 November 2017: Also practical?

tech vs

Dubai 22 October 2017: Practical?



DUBAI 8 October 2017: Who is winning the on-going battle of Technology versus humans?

tech vs human

DUBAI 01 October 2017: Life is ironic -just a minor difference – and it makes a huge difference. See under the hat – one made history by making the whole world laugh – and the other by making the whole world cry.


DUBAI 24 September 2017: Early today morning I caught this brilliant flash of light just above the horizon on the West side of Dubai. It is not the Sun – as the shadows on the building to the left shows that the Sun is rising behind me to the east. The light lasted for a few seconds only.

burj al arab flash

DUBAI 17 September 2017: This picture contains 105 famous people in history. Try to identify at least 15…


DUBAI 10 September 2017: The happiest people don’t have the best of everything – they make the best of everything!


DUBAI 4 September 2017:


DUBAI 31 August 2017: Eid Mubarak

eid mubarak

DUBAI 29 August 2017: Best way is to lead from the front – right?


DUBAI 27 August 2017: Play Outside?


DUBAI 23 August 2017: When I saw this picture, I fell in love with these four happy kids… they whispered tp me that: “It doesn’t matter how much you have… enjoy the little you do have”.

It made me realise that happiness comes from insde us and not from the circumstances aroundf is. You CAN be happy, if you seek to be happy.

I admired those two boys who bent on their knees to create the scenario. It must have been really exhausting… but then this is what friendship is all about – Anonymous

kid mobike

DUBAI 20 August 2017: Come again?


DUBAI 16 August 2017: Come again?


DUBAI 8 August 2017: Classic!



DUBAI 7 August 2017: Kerala is the first state in India to achieve a 100% literacy rate.

kerala literacy

Going by this viral image, it seem the state is now going to go beyond the milestone.


DUBAI 5 August 2017: An eye and brain trick. You will enjoy this if you are using the right side of your brain.

Stare at this image a while and you will see the man turn his face.

Share it if you see him turn his face.


DUBAI 3 August 2017: Doing the rounds today are images of the new currencies that are reportedly being issued by India following the recent ‘demonitisation’ that made news around the world.

INR 125 - 5000

INR 1000 coin

INR 1000

INR 60

INR 200 Main

New India currency



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