Molester gropes woman’s behind in shopping mall

confronted with mall video, admits to touching her in passing

DUBAI 6 April 2017: An Egyptian acted innocent of groping a woman in a shopping mall, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

HM, 23, salesman, stood looking amazed at a Bahraini woman, who was shouting at him and crying hysterically after he groped her lower back while she was picking items from shelves at a supermarket at Aswaq in Al Warqa.

“I was shocked when someone groped my lower part. He did not have to touch me… there were about two meters distance between shelves and he could have passed behind me without even coming close to me… he grouped me with his full grip,” the victim FA, shouted while her assaulter was standing frozen in front of her.

The assaulter, did not only pretend innocence, but expressed shock at the woman’s allegations. In turn, he told the victim: “What is wrong with you, woman?”

Police Arrive

Security staff gathered and police were rushed to the scene, but the alleged molester was still acting blameless.

The woman narrated that she reached the mall at around 11am to buy some home needs. “I got into the supermarket and did not notice the assaulter at all before the moment he groped my lower back.”

The assaulter insisted that he did not do anything wrong.

However, camera footage showed the man was following the victim from the time she entered the mall and headed to the supermarket.

He moved between shelves, and then stuck his body to her’s and groped her lower back between shelves.

Confronted with the recording, the assaulter denied following the woman but admitted to the possibility of touching her while passing behind her.

The crime happened on March 4, and the court will reconvene on April 19.

By Lolyana Zaki